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  • Finals Week
    December 15, 2015

    December 15th is my most-dreaded day in Switzerland. It's the day for which I stayed up till 02:00 many'a night studying at my desk. It's the day to take the most-difficult of 3 Masters exams this week. It's the day I tread the weakest plank on this bridge suspended over Bern. If it breaks under my weight, I will plummet to the ground and bravely accept defeat. 


    The rest of the week is full of 2 project presentations, and 2 more exams.



  • Halfway
    October 27, 2015
    Today marks the halfway point of my time in Europe. It's been great, and has gone quickly.  I spent 4 hours one Saturday morning researching my Anabaptist lineage back to 1660, and read up a bit on Jakob Ammann (namesake of the Amish). I took a train that afternoon down to Erlenbach im Simmental, which is still in the canton of Bern. I walked up the side of a mountain, stopped at the church that contains murals from around 1300 A.D.,...
  • Day 15
    September 2, 2015

    Well. Those bags got packed—somehow—amid one sleepless, scattered night. They were only 33lbs overweight. 

    But that was minor, considering I arrived at the airport without my passport. No worries—Mom, Dad, & Janean had it delivered to the check-in counter within minutes. 
    Shortly after those anxieties subsided, the peaceful jumbo jet of passengers taxiing on the Chicago runway en route to Dublin erupted into a wide-eyed head-turning frenzy when the older lady behind me started screaming “bloody murder." It...
  • Another Journey Begins
    August 18, 2015
    | James
    Another exchange program is taking me to study at Universität, Bern. In a few hours. 
    Before settling in Switzerland for the break-less, intense fall semester, I plan to spend a few days in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Budapest, and Paris. Generous friends and acquaintences who have offered me places to stay along with economy European airlines are making this dream a dream. Not a reality. Yet. 
    After solving a final Slylock Fox mystery, and downing a bowl of Edy's Grand Ice Cream lastnight with some nieces, I am completely prepared...
  • The Video — 6 Months Down Under in a Minute
    July 31, 2014
    Out of more than 14,000 photos and videos, only a few made the cut for this. 
    Within its minutes lie a host of stories untold, friendships unseen, and sights unearthly. 
    This project is an attempt to give  all a glimpse of my adventure, 
    to give some a token to remember friendships far too fond,
    and to give others a nudge to study abroad. 
    (Then: lift your wings, get out, and go see this amazing world.) 
  • Goodbye, Oz
    July 7, 2014
    Aussie Flag

    Day 169. 


    Flight departs BNE in an hour. 


    Not enough words or time to describe all that this season has been. 


    “Heaps" of people, places, adventures, highs, lows, and eye-opening experiences that will go down in history. 


    Privileged to have had this opportunity. 


    Grateful to those that made it possible. 


    Excited to be going back, yet sad to be leaving Aussie and friends made here. 


    So much to look forward to, yet leaving...

  • Pictures of the Journey
    May 9, 2014
    Hong Kong
    (Find links to photo albums here.)
    N e w    Z e a l a n d! 
    Though education is what brought me here, and although the travel experiences it has afforded me have been unforgettably amazing, uni work is nothing to sneeze at. After long days of lectures, workshops, practicals and tutorials, long nights of homework assignments follow....
  • Face the Cons.
    March 26, 2014
    Set Goals. Make Decisions.
    Face the Cons. 
    I must admit: doesn’t seem like there are that many cons in my decision to study abroad in light of the incredible experience it has been. 
    Coming from the countryside of Indiana, being dropped alone into a capital city of 2 million people in a new country and culture and continent without knowing a single person is… a stretch. You know no one, and no one knows you. You know no roads, no...
  • Sunrise, Sunset — Brisbane, AU
    March 6, 2014
    My 1st attempt at time-lapse photography.
    From Mt. Coot-tha, Venus rises over the city of Brisbane before the sun. After the sun sets, Brissie continues to buzz and a perfect crescent moon follows suit. As airplanes streak through the sky in and out of the BNE airport, Orion finally drops into view and owns the scene.
  • Make Decisions. Lots of them.
    February 4, 2014
    Brisbane road sign
    "Choose things that'll change your life— not things that are comfortable.” -unknown 
    In my first 12 days here, I’ve met people from at least 16 different countries. Serbia, Kuwait, Ghana, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Korea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Philippines, the US of A, and of course, Australia.
    So far, so glad. Glad I chose to study abroad. 
    Choices come in an enormous array of sizes, but  most are on the smaller side. Not to be...
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The Video — 6 Months Down Under in a Minute
July 31, 2014
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